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Launch IPS owec.jpg (39936 bytes)    The IPS OWEC Buoy is a system for generating electricity from ocean waves at a cost competitive with fossil fuel generated power.

Wave power – an excellent solution in providing renewable energy. The IPS OWEC Buoy is the first choice in wave power, because of its unique ability to grow with demand. No big investment needed, it is feasible to start with just one or a few buoys and add on hundreds of buoys as demand increases. Short implementation, ready to produce electricity in less than a year from decision. Uses renewable energy. The IPS OWEC Buoy may be built locally to provide business opportunities, economic growth and development for the local community.

Key Benefits

bulletRenewable energy
bulletElectricity for desalination plants
bulletCluster of buoys gives energy and act as wave breaker
bulletOff-shore wave energy converters and systems with great flexibility
bulletUnits from 10 kW - 150 kW annual mean power
bulletComplete generation systems 50-100 MW
bulletElectricity for remote areas
bulletEasily expandable by adding more units
bulletEasy installation and maintenance
bulletLow production cost/kWh
bulletNew untapped investment opportunity



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